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OSGIS 2011 Webcast Presentations

OGC-OSGeo Interoperability Day presentations (June 21st 2011) (Organised by Tyler Mitchell, Executive Director, Open Source Geospatial Foundation)

Welcome & CGS Perspective on Interoperability
Jeremy Morley
Deputy Director, Centre for Geospatial Science

OSGeo - Enabling Interoperability
Tyler Mitchell
Executive Director, Open Source Geospatial Foundation

Delivering Solutions with OGC & OSGeo
Addy Pope

OGC Introduction and WIS - A New Global Infrastructure for Meteorology
Chris Little
Co-chair OGC Meteorology & Oceanography Domain Working Group, Met Office, UK

OSGIS 2011 Main Conference (June 22nd 2011)

OSGIS Introduction
Suchith Anand
Centre for Geospatial Science

GRACE Introduction and European Satellite Navigation Competition
Paul Bhatia
GRACE, University of Nottingham

Open Nottingham –Knowledge without Borders
Professor Wyn Morgan
University of Nottingham

Inaugural presentation-The impact of open data, open source software and open standards on the evolution of National SDI’s"
Professor Mike Jackson
Director, Centre for Geospatial Science

Keynote Presentation - "Open Source Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI)"
Professor Thierry Badard
Laval University, Canada

When Gov 2.0 Doesn't Exist: Mapping Services In The Developing World
Mark Iliffe,Mikel Maron,Primoz Kovacic, Jane Bisanju
Map Kibera Project

Mapping Across Borders: Facilitating Open Source GIS training through micro volunteering
Michael Martin and Jon Corbett
The Centre for Social Spatial and Economic Justice
The University of British Columbia, Canada

Web Mapping for Energy Management in the UK Social Housing Sector
Antony Scott
Sustain, UK

Open Research: Working with Open Software and Open Data in Academic based GIS Research
Peter Mooney, Blazej Ciepluch, Ricky Jacob, and Padraig Corcoran
NUI Maynooth, Ireland

Open Source Application for Energy Conservation Management
Antony Scott
Cranfield University, UK

Developing Open source based tools for geospatial integration
Heshan Du, Suchith Anand, Jeremy Morley, Didier Leibovici, Glen Hart,Mike Jackson
Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, UK

Open source GIS for archaeological data visualisation and analysis
Anna Hodgkinson and Christina Robinson
Oxford Archaeology North, UK

Open GIS mobile devices:gvSIG Mobile and gvSIG Mini
Amelia del Rey , J. Carrasco, A.Romeu
gvSIG Association,Spain

MetaPunT: an Open Source tool for Meta-Propagation of uncerTainties in Geospatial Processing
Amir Pourabdollah, Didier Leibovici, Mike Jackson
Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, UK

GeoServer, the open source server for interoperable spatial data handling
Simone Giannecchini, Andrea Aime
Geosolutions, Italy

Cellular Automata plugin for Quantum GIS
Anas Altartouri , Ari Jolma
Aalto University, Finland

Interoperable Framework for Mobile Dynamic Surveying based on open source components
Sergiusz Pawlowicz, Didier Leibovici, Richard Saull*, Mike Jackson, Chaoyu Ye,Wenchao Jiang, Natalie Adams, Suchith Anand, Roy Haines-Young
Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, UK & * SciSys UK Ltd

The development of a Predictive Burglary Modeller for use by Crime and Disorder Partnerships throughout the UK
Mike Saunt
Astun Technologies, UK

Modelling the relationship between Landuse and Water quality: a methodology for large scale computing Application on the Durance river watershed
Sylvain Maillard
Université de Provence, France

A multi-dimensional viewer for city evolution analysis
Prof. Maria Brovelli, Luana Valentini , Giorgio Zamboni
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

OSGeo LiveDVD Project
Cameron Shorter, Thierry Badard
Lisasoft , Australia & Spatialytics Inc, Canada

OSGeo UK Presentation
Jo Cook
OSGeo:UK Representative

[We thank Sally Hanford, Claire Chambers, Bill Vickers and other staff in University IT for their help with the OSGIS 2011 webcasting arrangements]

We look forward to welcoming you for joining us in our vision and mission on further building up Open Source, Open Standards, Open data geospatial research.

Dr Suchith Anand (Conference Chair)

Nottingham Geospatial Institute
The Nottingham Geospatial Building
University of Nottingham