Paediatric Accident and Emergency Research Group


Evidence-based guidelines for the management of common and important acute paediatric presentations to hospitals in the United Kingdom


The following guidelines have been developed using the strongest evidence available and transparent methodology. The Paediatric Accident and Emergency Research Group is a committee made up of nationwide multidisciplinary professionals dedicated to the development of quality evidence-based clinical guidelines for children. All the completed guidelines have been appraised and endorsed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health through their Quality of Practice Committee.


The authors of individual guidelines are listed with the appropriate guideline.


Completed guidelines


The management of a child with a decreased conscious level

Developed               November          2005
Date for review     January             2008


Acute breathing difficulties in children

Developed               January             2002
Date for review     January             2005


Post seizure management in children

Developed               January             1999

Updated                   July                  2002

Date for review     July                  2005


Diarrhoea +/- vomiting in children

Developed               January             1999                                                            

Updated               November          2002                                                            
Date for review     January             2005                                                          
























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