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Unfixed Cryostat Muscle Biopsy


Solution a. Dehydrogenase stock (Can be made in bulk x20)

--MTT (1mg/ml) 2.5ml (50ml)

--0.2M Tris buffer pH 7.4 2.5ml (50ml)

--0.05M Magnesium chloride 1.0ml (20ml)

--Distilled water 2.5ml (50ml)

--0.5M Cobalt Chloride 0.5ml (10ml) --Adjust to pH 7.0 - store at -20 degrees centigrade

Solution b. Incubating solution --Soln.a. (Dehydrogenase stock) 0.9ml

--Distilled water 0.1ml

--co-enzyme NADH 2mg


1. Incubate in solution b. for 90 minutes at 37ÉC.

2. Fix in 4% formalin for 15 minutes

3. Wash well in distilled water.

4. Mount in phosphate buffered glycerine jelly.


NADH diaphorase activity - blue/black



The 'diaphorases' are dehydrogenase enzymes which catalyze the dehydrogenation of the reduced forms of the co-enzyme NAD and NADP, i.e. they catalyze the reactions.

NADHææææææææææÆNAD++H NADPHæææææææææÆNADP++H

The hydrogen liberated then combines with the tetrazolium salt, e.g, Nitro Blue Tetrazolium - (N.B.T.) or M.T.T. to form a formazan salt which is visible at the site of enzyme reaction.

NADH NADH æææææÆ NAD + H Tetrazolium diaphorase [omega]__________[omega] [omega] Formazan

The MTT in the dehydrogenase stock may be replaced by NBT.

--NBT (4mg/ml) 2.5ml

--0.2M Tris or phosphate buffer (pH 7.4) 2.5ml

--0.05M Magnesium chloride 1.0ml

--Distilled water 3.0ml

--Adjust to pH 7.0

This method enables the sections to be dehydrated, cleared and mounted. A rinse in acetone after fixation of the reaction method will remove soluble pink formazan deposit.

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