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Unfixed Cryostat, rectal biopsy.


Soliution a) Pararosanilin-HCL Stock

--Pararosanilin 1g

--Distilled water 20ml

--HCL (conc) 5ml

The pararosanilin is dissolved in the distilled water and the hydrochloric acid is added. The solution is heated gently, cooled, filtered and stored in a refrigerator in 0.4ml aliquots.

Solution b) Incubating solution

Mixture (1)

--Pararosanilin-HCL (solution a) 0.4ml

--sodium nitrite (40mg/ml) 0.4ml

Add the pararosanilin drop by drop to the sodium nitrite, shaking well after each addition until the solution is corn-coloured after leaving for at least a minute.

Mixture (2)

--a-naphthyl acetate (10mg/ml acetone) 0.25ml

--0.2M Phosphate buffer (2.83g Na 2 H PO4/100ml) 7.25ml

--Distilled water 2.5ml

Add these together THEN add mixture (1) to mixture (2) filter and use immediately.


1. Incubate in solution b) for 1-20 minutes at 37ÉC.

2. Wash, counterstain in haematoxylin, wash.

3 Dehydrate, clear . Mount sections in DPX


Esterase activity - red/brown


a) The solution are best kept in aliquots for urgent use, especially with rectal biopsy for Hirschsprung's.

b) The reaction is rapid and it is easy to overstain.

c) A very good marker for ganglion cells.

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