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Nottingham element: AC Milan

Did you know a Nottingham man is credited with founding football giants AC Milan?

Herbert Kilpin left Nottingham to work in Italy in the 1890s and later set up the club, becoming the team's first superstar in the process.

The footballer, who was born at the back of a butcher's shop in Mansfield Road, started Milan Football and Cricket Club in 1899.

Kilpin led the club to its first three championships and even designed its legendary red and black striped shirt.

He died in 1916, aged 46, and his grave was believed lost until a historian tracked it down.

In 1999, AC Milan paid for a new tombstone and he was reburied in the Monumental Cemetery in Milan.

Kilpin's name adorns shirts in Milan and his image can be seen on giant banners on match days.

Scientific element: Actinium

Actinium is extremely rare. Its high radioactivity creates a glowing pale blue light.

It is about 150 times more radioactive than radium.

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