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Nottingham element: Albert Ball

Albert Ball was a WWI pilot born and raised in Nottingham, who answered his country's call in 1914 when Britain declared war on Germany. At the age of 18, Albert was taking to the skies to fight the enemy. He had a natural ability for flying aircraft and in 1915 he paid for flying lessons out of his own money so that he could join the Royal Flying Corps.

Albert recorded 44 victories against Germany, and it is believed that there were many more that were not recorded.

During his military career, Albert was awarded the Military Cross and the Distinguished Service Order and two bars and was the first member of the British Army to receive this recognition. He later became a triple DSO - the first person to ever achieve such a feat.

He was also made an Honorary Freeman of Nottingham. 

Albert Ball's final flight was in May 1917, when he was part of a flying patrol. He crashed and died at the scene. After his death, Albert received the Victoria Cross, and the medal was presented to his family officially by King George V in Nottingham's Old Market Square in July of the same year.

Scientific element: Aluminium

Aluminium is a silver, soft metal with an atomic number of thirteen and thirteen protons in the nucleus.

It constitutes about eight percent of the Earth's land mass. It is present in more than 270 minerals.

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