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Periodic Table of Nottingham


Nottingham element: Arboretum

A historic, beautifully maintained park that is home to an important collection of over 800 trees, some of which are from the original collection planted in the 19th century. Nottingham Arboretum is Nottingham's oldest public park and the closest park to the city centre, opened on 11 May 1852. 

The layout and design of Nottingham Arboretum was performed under the supervision of Samuel Curtis, a botanist and horticultural publicist in 1850. Samuel had previously been involved with the layout of Victoria Park in the East End of London in 1842.

Although never confirmed, Nottingham Arboretum has widely been said to have been the inspiration for J.M Barrie’s Neverland. JM Barrie lived in Nottingham before he wrote Peter Pan, working as a journalist at the Nottingham Daily Journal, and walked through the Arboretum to get to work.

Scientific element: Argon

Argon is an inert, colorless and odorless element — one of the Noble gases.

Used in fluorescent lights and in welding, this element gets its name from the Greek word for "lazy," an homage to how little it reacts to form compounds.

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