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Nottingham element: Brian Clough

Arguably the most successful, almost certainly the most outspoken, English football manager of his generation, Brian Clough's desire to win was first seen in an all-action playing career ultimately cut short by injury.

Born in Middlesbrough, Clough made his professional debut for his home team club in 1952 aged 17 as a centre-forward.

A prolific striker, he was to be Boro's top scorer for three consecutive seasons. In total he scored 204 goals in 222 games, winning two England caps while still playing for the Division Two side, against Wales and Sweden in 1959. It was at Middlesbrough he met goalkeeper Peter Taylor who would later become a close friend and colleague in his managerial career.

Clough moved to local rivals Sunderland in 1961 where he scored 63 goals in 74 matches before suffering an injury in a match against Bury at Roker Park in December 1962. Clough spent two years attempting to regain fitness, but would play only 3 more matches, before retiring aged 29.

His managerial career began in 1965 when he was asked to manage Hartlepool United (now Hartlepool). Aged just 30 he was the youngest manager in the Football League.

However it was Cloughie’s success at Midlands club Derby County and local rivals Nottingham Forest that really made his name.

During his 18 years as manager (with Peter Taylor as his assistant until 1982) he led Forest from 6th from the bottom of Division Two (January 1975) to winning the First Division Championship in 1978, followed by two consecutive European Cup wins in 1979 and 1980 and four League Cup victories. This has been argued as one of the greatest managerial feats in the English Football League's history to date. He was awarded Manager of the Year in 1978.

He was awarded an OBE for his services to football in June 1991.

Clough was spoken of as 'the greatest manager England never had', as he was overlooked for the national team job despite being one of the league's most successful managers.

Following his death in September 2004, a stretch of the A52 which connects Derby and Nottingham was renamed the Brian Clough Way.

Scientific element: Bromine

Bromine is the only nonmetallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperatures.

It is a dense, reddish-brown liquid which evaporates easily at room temperature to a red vapor with a strong, chlorine-like odor. 

Bromine is less reactive than chlorine or fluorine but more reactive than iodine.

Silver bromide is a chemical used in film photography.

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