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Nottingham element: The Great Central Railway

Formerly known as Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, The Great Central Railway - Nottingham now offers almost 10 miles of heritage railway running through the beautiful scenery of South Nottinghamshire and North-West Leicestershire.

Heritage Steam & Diesel services re-create the experience of train travel from when it was more than just a way to travel from one place to another.

Entirely staffed by volunteers, all income is used to preserve railway & transport heritage for future generations.

Scientific element: Copernicium

Copernicium is produced artificially. It can be made by bombarding atoms of lead with ions of zinc through a linear accelerator.

Copernicium is named for Nicolaus Copernicus, the famed astronomer and mathematician. 

The symbol Cp was initially recommended for the element, but was rejected because Cp had once been used as the symbol for lutetium, which, prior to 1949, was sometimes called cassiopeium.

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