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Periodic Table of Nottingham


Nottingham element: Fletcher Gate

Fletcher Gate takes its name from the butchers, or "flesh hewers" who were located there in Saxon times, although there is some evidence that fletchers, or arrow makers, also plied their trade in the area.

It underwent a name change, to Blow Bladder Street but once again, the powers-that-be changed their minds and called it Market Street as it was around the old Weekday Cross that Nottingham's original market was based. It reverted to Fletcher Gate when the new Market Street in the city centre was unveiled.

Scientific element: Flerovium

Henri Moissan, who first isolated fluorine, also produced the world’s first artificial diamonds by applying huge pressures to charcoal.

Fluorine is the most chemically reactive element. It reacts, often very vigorously, with all of the other elements except oxygen, helium, neon and krypton.

It is the most electronegative element. This means that in molecules fluorine attracts electrons more powerfully than any other element can.

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