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Nottingham element: Hockley

Hockley is an area near the centre of Nottingham and lies adjacent to the Lace Market.

The area was originally (from around 1285) called Walker Gate, from the practice of walking or stamping upon cloth to make it softer after weaving.

Sir Jesse Boot, son of the founder of the Boots the Chemist and the architect of the business empire it is today, was born in poverty in the area in 1850.

Hockley has an arthouse cinema, the Broadway Cinema which has an established national and international reputation for film exhibition, production and festivals. It was known for the annual film festival, whose honorary president was Quentin Tarantino.

Another cinema that once operated in Hockley was The Screen Room, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's smallest commercial cinema, with just 21 seats and a single screen.

Scientific element: Helium

Helium is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas.

It is the second most common element in the Universe (after hydrogen), making up around 24% of its mass.

French and English astronomers Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockyer are jointly credited with discovering helium after spectral analysis of sunlight following a solar eclipse in 1868.

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