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Nottingham element: Fothergill

Watson Fothergill was from Mansfield and was one of the leading architects working in Nottingham from around 1870 to 1906. His career took off after winning a competition to design the Albert Hall which opened in 1876, unfortunately it burnt down in 1906.

During his thirty-year career he designed over 100 buildings including houses, banks, churches shops and warehouses, many of which can be seen in the city today. Elaborate stone carving, turrets, towers and pinnacles along with his use of red and black make his buildings easy to spot and his office on George Street is one of his more elaborate creations. He was a big cricket fan and an avid supporter of Notts CC.

Scientific element: Iron

The fourth most common element in the Earth’s crust, with much of the earth’s core thought to be composed of Iron.

90% of all refined metal is iron. Mostly used to make steel which has a wide range of everyday uses.

Archaeologists estimate that people have been using Iron for more than 5,000 years.

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