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Nottingham element: Kerby

Kerby is a well known game in Nottingham. It involves two people throwing a ball across the street aiming at the opponent's kerby. It makes a good pass of time when all you have is a ball and two people hence its popularity.

How to play:

1.Get a very bouncy basketball or football.

2. Find a road with two opposite pavements in a quiet street; you don’t want to be stopping every 30 seconds for a car coming past.

3. Stand on opposite pavements facing each other.

4. Have Player 1 throw the ball to the opposing kerb, attempting to make the ball bounce back off of it. If Player 1 catches the ball on the rebound, 50 points is awarded. If he does not, only 10 will be given then player one moves into the middle of the road and tries to hit the kerb if player 1 hits the kerb they get 10 points and go again if they miss they return to their side. If the ball doesn’t hit the kerb, no points are given. Player 2 is given the ball and attempts to do the same.

5. The game ends when a player reaches 1000 points. Or your mum shouts you in for tea.

Scientific element: Krypton

It's not just Superman's home planet; Krypton is one of the rarest gases on Earth, composing only 1 part per million of the atmosphere by volume. 

This noble gas is colorless and odorless.

It has a full outer shell of electrons, rendering it largely inert to reactions with other elements.

Krypton is used commercially as a filling gas for energy-saving fluorescent lights. It is also used in some flash lamps used for high-speed photography.

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