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Nottingham element: Pearson Brothers

Pearson Brothers was a department store situated on Long Row in Nottingham.

The store began life in 1899 when Frederick Pearson bought a former ironmongery store and changed the name of the business and employed his two sons. It began by employing an electrical engineer to do contract work for customers and went on to sell electrical goods within the store.

Pearson’s extended and developed over the following decades and the business expanded in both size and the goods that it sold. But after freeholders for the property wanted to redevelop the location as an arcade in 1987, the store closed its doors the following year for the last time after 94 years of trading, with the loss of 115 jobs.

Scientific element: Lead

Lead has been in use by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. Many Roman baths have the official insignia of the Roman emperors on the lead pipes and are still in use today.

It is a highly malleable member of the metal elements and is highly resistant to corrosion.

Too much lead in the body can cause poisoning and one of the leading causes of it was from lead in paint. Today, lead paint is banned.

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