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Nottingham element: Mary Potter

Mary Potter was founder of the Little Company of Mary Sisters.

She commenced her mission of caring for the sick and dying in Hyson Green during the spring of 1877 after applying to Bishop Bagshawe, (Bishop of Nottingham) for permission to work in his diocese.

Bishop Bagshawe offered to pay the rent for 12 months and Mary found an old disused stocking factory for the beginnings of her work.

The date of the opening ceremony of her first convent was Easter Monday, 2 April 1877. She was soon joined by other young women who all settled on a simple dress of a plain habit of black and a pale blue veil.

The Little Company of Mary sisters went out and helped the sick and poor in their homes.

Mary died in Rome in 1913. On 8 February 1988, Pope John Paul II proclaimed her Venerable.

She is entombed in St. Barnabas Cathedral.

Scientific element: Meitnerium

Meitnerium was discovered by the same team of German researchers who isolated hassium and Bohrium.

It was named after Austrian physicist Lise Meitner, who is one of the first to discover nuclear fission.

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