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Nottingham element: Mardy

Regional slang assumed to be derived from 'Moody' mardy is commonly used in Nottinghamshire speak. It is used most widely to describe children when they are having a tantrum or an adult who is sulking when not getting their own way.

It describes a person who is feeling sorry for themselves or is crying shallow, crocodile tears.

The word has risen to more widespread fame thanks to the Arctic Monkeys who wrote a song called Mardy Bum about a girl who was really mardy. 

Scientific element: Mendelevium

Mendelevium has an atomic number of 101, with 101 protons in the nucleus of an atom.

Mendelevium Is a radioactive metal.

Mendelevium does not occur naturally. It is made by bombarding einsteinium with alpha particles (helium ions).

This actinoid has an unknown color, but is probably metallic or silver.

It was named after Dimitri Mendeleev, who is commonly known as the father of the periodic table.

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