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Nottingham element: Vicky McClure

Vicky Lee McClure is a BAFTA award winning English actress best known for her role as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming in the BBC series Line of Duty and Lol Jenkins in Shane Meadows’ film This Is England (2006) .

She was born in Wollaton. Her father was a joiner and her mother a hairdresser, and she has a younger sister. She was educated at the Fernwood Comprehensive School.

From age three she took dance lessons, before at age 11 auditioning for the Central Junior Television Workshop. Whilst there, along with other girls, she was coached and mentored by fellow Nottingham-born actress Samantha Morton.

She won the RTS Award and BAFTA Television Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Lol in This is England '86 in 2011.

She recently appeared in a BBC documentary, filmed at the University of Nottingham, Vicky McClure's Our Dementia Choir.

Scientific element: Moscovium

Moscovium is a radioactive, synthetic element about which little is known.

It is classified as a metal and is expected to be solid at room temperature.

It decays quickly into other elements, including nihonium. The element had previously been designated ununpentium, a placeholder name that means one-one-five in Latin.

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