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Periodic Table of Nottingham


Nottingham element: Nottingham Post

The Nottingham Post is the city and county’s daily newspaper. It was founded in 1878 by Thomas Forman. Nottingham’s first evening paper consisted of four pages, and sold for ½d. Forman was originally from Lincolnshire but had been printing in Nottingham since 1848.

The Forman family continued its association with the Evening Post into the twentieth century. It was increased in size to six pages in 1902 and the front page gave way to news items instead of advertisements in 1914. T Bailey Forman Ltd bought the Nottingham Journal and the Nottingham Evening News in 1953 and incorporated the Evening News in to the Evening Post in 1963.

The Post was based at offices on Forman Street in the centre of Nottingham until 1998 when the paper relocated to Castle Wharf House. It moved to Tollhouse Hill in the city centre in 2012.


Scientific element: Nobelium

Nobelium is named after Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and the founder of the Nobel prize.

It is classified as a metal, but particle sizes prevent it from being seen well enough to identify a colour.

The extremely volatile chemical element is man-made and not naturally found on the surface of the Earth.

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