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Nottingham element: Palais de Danse

The Palais de Danse is Nottingham’s most famous nightclub. Originally named the Palais de Danse when it opened as a dance hall in 1925, it later became the popular nightclub Ritzy in the late 1980s. Then the Palais again, then Oceana, and currently Pryzm.

The outside is distinguished by the large ornate globe above the entrance and in the early days, music was often broadcast on the radio from the venue.

The site became vacant when Nottingham Prison was demolished. The Nottingham House of Correction on St John’s Street is now the modern day junction of Glasshouse Street and King Edward Street where the club sits.

Scientific element: Palladium

Palladium was discovered in 1802 by William Hyde Wollaston but the discovery was surrounded in controversy, with other scientists claiming palladium was simply a platinum alloy and not a new element. Wollaston offered several anonymous offers for anyone who could isolate palladium, so the elements discovery was credited to Richard Chenevix in 1803.

Palladium is one of six metals belonging to the platinum family, and it has a melting point of 2831 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jewellers began using palladium in 1939 as a platinum alternative when creating white gold. The precious metal is now periodically used in dental golds and other dental metals.

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