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Nottingham element: Peter Taylor

Peter Thomas Taylor was an English football player and manager. A goalkeeper with a modest playing career, he went on to work in management alongside Brian Clough at Derby County and Nottingham Forest, winning the Football League with both clubs and the European Cup twice with Nottingham Forest.

He began his playing career at Nottingham Forest during World War II, before joining Coventry City in July 1945. 

Throughout his playing career he built his future management career by learning from Coventry manager Harry Storer and building a close relationship with Middlesbrough striker Brian Clough, six years his junior.

In July 1976, Taylor left Brighton to work alongside Clough at Nottingham Forest. Repeating their achievement at Derby by winning promotion into the top-flight in 1976–77 and then winning the league title in 1977–78, they then surpassed their previous accomplishments by winning the European Cup in 1979 and 1980.

Taylor retired in May 1982, but returned to the game in November 1982 to manage Derby County.

In April 2009, a statue of Clough and Taylor was commissioned at Derby's Pride Park Stadium, and in October 2015 Nottingham Forest's main stand at the City Ground was renamed the Peter Taylor Stand.

Scientific element: Platinum

Platinum is a chemical element with the symbol Pt and atomic number 78.

The name platinum comes from the Spanish word 'platina' which means "little silver".

It is a dense, malleable (can be thinned), ductile (can be stretched), shiny gray-white transition metal that is rare enough to be deemed a precious metal.

Platinum compounds are important chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancers.

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