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Nottingham element: Stuart Pearce

Stuart Pearce, MBE is an English football manager and player. Pearce was the manager of the England national under-21 team from 2007 to 2013 and also managed the Great Britain Olympic football team at the 2012 Olympics.

As a player, Pearce played as a defender and appeared for Wealdstone, Coventry City, Newcastle United, West Ham United and Manchester City, but is best known for his spell at Nottingham Forest, where he regularly captained the team and became the club's most capped International, making 76 of his 78 appearances for England while with the club and captaining the national side on nine occasions. 

Scientific element: Praseodymium

Praseodymium was initially discovered by Carl Gustav Mosander of Sweden in 1841.

Mosander was working with the residue formed by preparing lantana from cerium.

It wasn't until 1885 that Austrian scientist Baron Carl Auer von Weisbach was able to extract this residue of Mosander's into two separate salts, naming them praseodymium and neodymium.

Praseodymium is named from the Greek word for green, since it oxidizes slowly in air to form a green coating.

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