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Nottingham element: Newstead Abbey

Founded as a monastic house in the twelfth century, Newstead retains its medieval character with cloisters, chapel, stone carvings and manuscripts.

Heralded by many as the greatest romantic poet of his time, Byron lived at Newstead Abbey 1808 and 1814. 

Byron sold the Abbey in 1818 to Thomas Wildmam in whose hands it remained until 1861 when purchased by William Frederick Webb, an African explorer.

The house includes collections spanning centuries: from when the Abbey became a private house, to the present day. Comprising paintings, letters, maps and photographs – and eighteenth century views by artist Pieter Tillemans - browse the Gothic Revival Library and panelling of the Great Hall - reputedly sourced from a single oak.

Scientific element: Sodium

Alone, it's explosive. Combined with chlorine, it's table salt. 

Sodium is a silver-white alkali metal with an atomic number of eleven.

Sodium is Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff's favourite element as the symbol Na is a name his children gave to their grandmother.

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