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Nottingham element: Trent End

The City Ground is Nottingham Forest’s home football stadium in West Bridgford. It has been home to Nottingham Forest Football Club since 1898.

Trent End, the stand closest to the River Trent, is a prominent landmark and was the stadium’s most recent stand to be rebuilt. It was completed in 1996 as the City Ground was chosen as one of the venues to host the European Championships.

It holds 7,500 fans and takes the ground’s overall capacity to 30,445.

Scientific element: Tellurium

Tellurium comes from the Latin word tellus, which means earth.

The element is a semiconductor that shows a greater electrical conductivity in certain directions or when exposed to light.

It’s often used to improve the machinability of copper and stainless steel. Tellurium has been used to vulcanise rubber, to tint glass and ceramics, in solar cells, in rewritable CDs and DVDs and as a catalyst in oil refining.


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