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Periodic Table of Nottingham


Nottingham element: Trent Bridge

TB covers two Nottingham icons - the bridge over the Trent and the cricket ground of the same name.

The bridge is an iron and stone road bridge across the River Trent. It is the principal river crossing for entrance to the city from the south, although the upstream Clifton Bridge is both larger and busier.

The first bridge is thought to have been constructed on the site in 920 although the current bridge was built in 1871.

The bridge lends its name to Nottingham’s cricket ground in West Bridgford. Mostly used for Test, One-day international and County cricket, it has a capacity of 17,500. It was first used as a cricket ground in the 1830s, and was opened in 1841 by William Clarke, husband of the proprietress of the Trent Bridge Inn, and Captain of the All England Cricket Team.


Scientific element: Terbium

Terbium was named for the village of Ytterby in Sweden and was discovered by the chemist Carl Gustaf Mosander.

The silver-grey metal is a rare earth element.

There is little information on the toxicity of terbium, so it must be handled carefully!

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