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Nottingham element: TM Logan

Nottingham author TM Logan is a writer of bestselling thriller fiction. His debut novel Lies was one of Amazon UK’s biggest ebooks of 2017, selling 350,000 copies.

TM Logan is the literary pseudonym of Tim Utton.

Until 2017, Tim was Deputy Director of Communications at the University of Nottingham, and previous to that, he was a journalist for the Daily Mail and for the Nottingham Post.


Scientific element: Thulium

Thulium is named for Thule, the earliest name for Scandinavia.

The soft and malleable silver-grey element can be cut by a knife.

It is considered a rare earth element, so it is not found in nature in concentrated forms. Thulium is found principally in the mineral monazite, which contains about 20 parts per million.

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