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Nottingham element: Youth Band

Nottingham Youth Band is for children aged 8+ and encourages them in the first few years of playing an instrument to continue enjoying music through school and beyond.

The band includes woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.

Performing pieces which are fun and well known, from film and TV themes, classic marches, swing and jazz tunes, the band also builds in a more challenging repertoire to introduce different aspects of playing.

Scientific element: Ytterbium

Ytterbium is a soft, silvery metal which slowly oxidises in air, forming a protective surface layer.

The element was discovered in 1878, but a high purity specimen of the element wasn’t made until 1953.

It is beginning to find a variety of uses, such as in memory devices and tuneable lasers. It can also be used as an industrial catalyst and is increasingly being used to replace other catalysts considered to be too toxic and polluting.

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