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Alan Jenkins on mainstreaming undergraduate research.

Alan Jenkins: The serious issue is that the relationship between people's interest in their teaching, and commitment to their… (9 min 28s video by Alan Jenkins; April 2009).


An approach to understanding and developing undergraduate students' research strategies.

Scholarship at university incorporates a number of practices different from the study techniques students develop to succeed at… (473 word resource by Mark Bradley et al.; September 2006).


Connecting international teaching with research.

I've had students that have done projects in Hong Kong and China and Spain. I've had PhD… (3 min 49s video by Nicola Pitchford et al.; September 2009).


Developing a new MRes module.

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has recognised in recent years that its students of electromagnetics have… (476 word resource by Ana Vukovic; September 2005).


Developing subject specific internet training sessions.

In recent years, the Higher Education Academy, JISC, the University of Nottingham and other bodies have introduced new training… (692 word resource by Christian Haase; January 2009).


Evaluation of postgraduate research student training and management practices.

The need to ensure appropriate training of PhD students, in preparation for careers both within and outside academia, has been… (402 word resource by Anna Grabowska et al.; September 2004).


Gina Wisker on supervising students.

Gina Wisker: I think about supervision as a form of teaching and teaching doesn't mean thrusting things down people's throats, it… (10 min 7s video by Gina Wisker; April 2009).


Identifying a dissertation topic for a student with dyslexia.

Presenting situation: A dyslexic archaeology student. She came to me as her tutor for advice on a dissertation topic. She wished… (1040 word resource by Hamish Forbes; June 2002).


Identifying and supervising a dissertation topic for a dyslexic student with medical difficulties.

Presenting situation: K was a mature student with dyslexia and a medical history of depression. During her final year, the… (847 word resource by Hamish Forbes; June 2002).


Improving numeracy skills in Masters students.

Background: Statistics plays an important role in the curriculum of Masters courses in the Medical Faculty, due to the need for… (438 word resource by Jo Leonardi-Bee et al.; January 2005).


Resources 1 - 10 of 18     Results pages: 2    Next

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