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Sharing resources on modules taught across campuses.

"… Initially we were coming at things from a very different perspective because the people teaching the module on…"

3 min 25s video by Christopher Barnatt et al., November 2009.


The staff experience of learning from internationalisation.

"… Certainly teaching in other countries, which I've done quite a bit of, you learn a huge amount because there…"

4 min 21s video by Martin Binks et al., September 2009.


Strategies to address a reluctance to ask questions in lectures.

"… People are often too shy to raise issues, but one of the things that I tend to do periodically through the lectures…"

5 min 55s video by Martin Binks et al., November 2009.


Student expectations about teaching in Nottingham.

"… They have far more contact time over there. When I went to China that's the first thing that really stuck out.…"

5 min 6s video by Peter Yeandle et al., November 2009.


Student projects in an international context.

"… Some of the time, some of the topic areas, I do bring cultural issues, as a limitation for the research so far.…"

4 min 30s video by Iain Coyne et al., November 2009.


Students working in a second language.

"… I think language is the most important thing. No matter to your school mates, to your…"

5 min 30s video by Ting Lu et al., September 2009.


Study skills support for international students.

"… Students can either make appointments to come see me one on one or in a group, and throughout the year, I also…"

4 min 30s video by Rebecca Moor et al., September 2009.


Tutorials: participation and creativity using nominal group technique.

"… I've got several kind of set piece formats which I use. One of them is something that comes…"

3 min 54s video by David Clarke et al., September 2009.


Valuing the student voice: the tutorless tutorial.

"… I'm particularly mindful of the difficulty of getting everybody to participate in a way they're comfortable with,…"

1 min 45s video by David Clarke, November 2009.


Videos 21 - 29 of 29     Results pages: Previous    1  2 3


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