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WebCT (& BlackBoard: Virtual Learning Environments, or VLEs)

Mathematics Electronic Learning Environment in Engineering and Science (MELEES).

MELEES is a web-based environment, developed since 2002, to support students who take mathematics modules as a part of their… (301 word resource by Stephen Hibberd et al.: July 2004).


Planning module content: mind-mapping, podcasting and WebCT.

I actually planned it out, and I wanted to deliver it via what we call mind maps. Our first years have a series of lectures…

2 min 28s video by Richard Field, School of Geography (June 2007)


Using BlackBoard to encourage students to take more responsibility for their own learning.

I don't rate myself as very skilled with computers. I got into e-learning when my colleague, Cynthia Marsh, and I saw a problem… (997 word resource by Wendy Rosslyn, School of Modern Languages & Cultures: November 2003).


Using e-learning to support practical assignments for large groups.

E-learning can enhance the learning experience and improve the effectiveness of teaching staff. Work carried out for the author's… (581 word resource by Francois Robitaille, Department of Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering: January 2004).

Keypads / Interactive handsets in lectures

Interactive keypads in lectures in the Medical School

The reduction in cost of interactive kits to around 100 handsets for £5,000 has meant that this technology is an affordable… (238 word resource by Reg Dennick, Medical Education Unit: June 2005).


Preparing for using a student response system in your lecture.

So how do you actually do it? Andrew: OK, there's some software you can download and basically it runs in conjunction with…

3 min 18s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (February 2008)

Podcasting (using audio files)

Benefits of podcasting for dyslexic students.

I did a module in my final year and all of the lectures were actually up on the Internet, they were recorded, there was a microphone…

2 min 43s video by Alex Sallis et al. (June 2007)


ePioneers project: vodcasting - videoing lectures.

I guess I was thinking about video podcasting and podcasting before the ePioneers project started, and I - at some point just before…

5 min 55s video by Rolf Wiesemes, School of Education (June 2008)


Making a podcast of a lecture: recording and uploading to WebCT.

Andrew: This is the podcasting kit we use in lectures. It's pretty bulky. This is what I just picked up from the learning and …

4 min 1s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (May 2009)


Podcasting Maths lectures: how and why?

So I understand that you’ve been experimenting with the use of audio podcasting; tell me how that’s gone.…

3 min 2s video by Joel Feinstein, School of Mathematical Sciences (June 2007)


Recording feedback as a podcast and uploading it to WebCT.

Interviewer: How long will the podcast be? Sarah Westwater-Wood: In general they're four to five minutes. I find that …

4 min 3s video by Sarah Westwater-Wood et al. (June 2009)

Discussion boards

Online discussion forums in large group teaching.

Small-group teaching is becoming increasingly rare in the university setting, and anecdotal evidence suggests that this trend is … (476 word resource by Charlotte Bonardi et al.: September 2006).


Using a discussion board to support Maths students.

I understand that you’ve been using WebCT a little bit last year and the feature you’re particularly wanting to …

3 min 10s video by Joel Feinstein, School of Mathematical Sciences (June 2007)


Encouraging student reflection: the development of an e-portfolio.

Reflection, the ability to think self-critically and to evaluate past experiences is a useful transferable skill for all… (509 word resource by Victoria Tischler, School of Community Health Sciences: September 2005).

CAL & RLOs (Computer Aided Learning packages & Reusable Learning Objects)

How effective are reusable learning objects at supporting didactic lectures?

This project designed two Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) which were then used to supplement a core first year module in … (430 word resource by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities: July 2009).


The impact of reusable learning objects RLOs on the student learning experience.

Significant funds have been invested nationally in the development of reusable learning objects (RLOs) accessible to a range of … (433 word resource by Holly Blake et al.: January 2010).


Re-using existing e-resources: how hard can it be?

The wealth of accessible, high quality e-learning material available from the University and from reputable online sources … (492 word resource by Jennifer Dandrea, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: January 2008).

Mobile technologies: phones & PDAs

Mobile-learning solutions for the modern Ophthalmic medical student - a pilot study.

Recent studies suggest integrated Web electronic (e)-learning and mobile (m-learning) technologies enhance student learning. … (438 word resource by Manu Mathew, School of Medical & Surgical Sciences: January 2007).


"Please turn on your mobile phones" - ubiquitous computing in the classroom.

The adoption of the mobile telephone has revolutionised social and commercial communication in the 21st Century. Whilst it is … (443 word resource by Andrew Jackson et al.: January 2007).

Simulations and virtual worlds

Developing Virtual Engineering Laboratories.

Advanced three-dimensional virtual environment technology, similar to that used by the film and computer games industry will be… (270 word resource by Damian Schofield et al.: July 2004).

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Understanding evaluation: SET SEM and the student learning ... "Student evaluation procedures play a key role across the HE sector in gauging …"   (Sep 2008; 1765 views)

Mathematics Electronic Learning Environment in Engineering ... "MELEES is a web-based environment, developed since 2002, to support students who …"   (Jul 2004; 739 views)

Asking questions of students in lectures.   (Jul 2004; 2 min 28s video; 734 views)

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