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Involving all students in the learning process

Combining visual and auditory teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.

When I go used to go and see my tutor about my project I used to tape what he said and I explained to him that I am a visual person…

4 min 10s video by Michael Shaw et al. (June 2007)


Engaging students in learning communication skills.

The key for me is engagement, some students, for one reason or another, might be tiredness, maybe family problems or maybe …

3 min 30s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)


How can you accommodate diversity in a large group?

It's a question of trying to find a balance between scaring the ones who've never done it before and not boring the ones who've got some experience with it…

5 min 39s video by Wyn Morgan et al. (January 2004)


Inclusivity as a basis for group discussions.

Interaction in the class or the seminar is very important. No. 1 is that it ventilate your doubt about certain …

4 min 26s video by Kingsley Udeh et al. (November 2009)


Students working in a second language.

I think language is the most important thing. No matter to your school mates, to your …

5 min 30s video by Ting Lu et al. (September 2009)

Building on students' experiences and opinions

Altering lectures in response to student input.

Does the student voting actually affect what you deliver in the lecture? Andrew: Yes, yep, it does. I know where I …

3 min 19s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (February 2008)


Finding out what students know and don't know.

Knowledge gaps are common and apparent in students owing to their varied personal backgrounds. This is compounded by the … (432 word resource by Mike Johnson et al.: January 2006).


Identifying the student's level of knowledge and understanding of a subject prior to its inclusion within a module.

Several writers discuss the potential benefits of an adult learning approach, based on the fundamental principles of andragogy;… (341 word resource by Ian Trueman, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: January 2004).


International perspectives broaden a class debate.

What do you get out of a discussion? Eric Masika: I get different views of how to look at same thing. We're looking at…

4 min 28s video by Eric Masika et al. (November 2009)


Real life examples give context to learning in the lecture.

A lot of the diseases earlier in the course, bacterial diseases, we would stop and talk, for a couple of minutes, about. For…

2 min 35s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)

Designing out discrimination

Addressing student learning diversity with strategies to improve the learning experience.

This study addresses diversity in learning styles of students with strategies to improve the learning experience and module… (413 word resource by Beat Reber, Nottingham University Business School: September 2005).


Amending assessment for a dyslexic student.

Last year it was brought to my attention that second year student taking a five credit (37.5 hours of study time) Semester 4 dissertation… (820 word resource by Colin Black, School of Biosciences: January 2002).


The art of teaching scientific computation: men are geeks and women are illogical

Why, for some students, is there such a marked disparity between their normal performance and that achieved on computing … (431 word resource by Frazer Pearce, School of Physics & Astronomy: January 2006).


Idiomatic language in teaching.

I remember one particular incident, I do some lectures on composite materials, and there …

1 min 36s video by Mike Clifford et al. (September 2009)


"It has taken too long to get here - so I'm not bloody-well leaving!" - barriers and enablers for mature students in HE.

Compared to traditional academic disciplines, far more students enrolling on Diploma in Nursing (DipN) courses in the UK are over… (451 word resource by Sue Johnson et al.: January 2005).


Teaching difference and exclusion: audiences, assumptions and practices

Academics working across the social sciences and humanities are often faced with the task of teaching ‘difference’ … (466 word resource by Simon Baker et al.: January 2006).

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