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Becoming a professional practitioner.

Jo: Within, like, nursing, it's all evidence based, isn't it? So, you know, to justify what you do, you have to learn and …

3 min 10s video by Jo-anne Fisher et al. (January 2010)


Benefits of podcasting for dyslexic students.

I did a module in my final year and all of the lectures were actually up on the Internet, they were recorded, there was a microphone…

2 min 43s video by Alex Sallis et al. (June 2007)


Combining visual and auditory teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.

When I go used to go and see my tutor about my project I used to tape what he said and I explained to him that I am a visual person…

4 min 10s video by Michael Shaw et al. (June 2007)


Creativity and criticism: spotting a gap and motivations to change.

I joined the Department in 2000 and as part of my teaching, began a module on Modern Poetry. I realised that the students had to… (2012 word resource by Peter Howarth, School of English Studies: June 2005).


Development of transferable skills in science students.

Beyond the development of subject-specific skills and knowledge, there is a need for Universities to instill in their students, … (458 word resource by Beth Coyle et al.: January 2007).


The good, the bad and the ugly: students' experiences of group projects.

Background: Group projects have the potential to engage a large cohort of students in exercises that complement other aspects of … (480 word resource by Nicola Gray, School of Pharmacy: January 2006).


Independent learning and student development.

The current debates within Higher Education concerning the increase in student numbers and the resulting pressures exacted upon… (493 word resource by Celeste-Marie Bernier et al.: January 2005).


Learning communication skills from groupwork in practical sessions.

Video playing: "You should always clip before performing an ultrasound examination. Air and dirt trapped within the animal's …

1 min 58s video by Sarah Freeman et al. (August 2009)


The learning objective/outcome loop: does the student believe they've developed the skills you wanted them to learn?

Learning outcomes represent the skills which a student has developed as a result of their study and wider participation in a… (471 word resource by David Cook, School of Biosciences: September 2005).


Learning through labs and practical work.

In a subject such as yours, what do you think are the main purposes of running practical classes for your students?…

7 min 54s video by Martin Luck et al. (February 2007)


Perceptions of student engagement in a research-driven university.

Student engagement is critical to learning in higher education. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain… (397 word resource by Jonathan Peirce et al.: September 2004).


Podcasts and student learning in the humanities.

The use of podcasts (downloadable audio files) is becoming increasingly common in higher education. At Nottingham members of … (509 word resource by William Bowden, School of Humanities: July 2009).


Strategies that dyslexic students use when reading.

How do you find doing research where you’re now having to read lots of journal articles and things like that? Can you …

4 min 48s video by Ryan Beardsley et al. (June 2007)


Student expectations about teaching in Nottingham.

They have far more contact time over there. When I went to China that's the first thing that really stuck out.…

5 min 6s video by Peter Yeandle et al. (November 2009)


Student perception of gender bias in academic environments.

Gender equality in HE environments is essential for promoting the full potential of all University members. A number of … (536 word resource by Ramiro Alberio et al.: January 2010).


What do you need in a problem-based learning room.

We're sitting in one of the Derby PBL rooms now - what are the special features about this kind of workspace?…

2 min 41s video by Jonathan Ball et al. (March 2008)

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