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Placements: roles and expectations

The academic's role in supporting placement mentors.

Alison: Well, the students are given an assessment of practice record, which has a range of proficiency statements that the …

3 min 21s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)


A mentor's role in placement learning.

Alison Clark: The role of the mentor is to provide dedicated clinical supervision to that student, to keep them safe in practice …

5 min 59s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)


Placements in Nursing: academic, mentor and student expectations.

Alison: Fifty percent of the nursing courses are practice which requires a range of practical placements to give students lots of …

3 min 59s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)

Agreeing goals and learning outcomes

Goalsetting for learning in stages on placement.

Alison: It gives the students a clear goal of where they're supposed to be because they'll go out and watch a practitioner do the …

3 min 19s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)


Negotiating learning outcomes and opportunities on a practice placement.

Alison: If you look at basically nursing, or I suppose any professional group then, you've got to identify your clients needs, …

3 min 58s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)

Indentifying learning and transferable skills

Helping students to identify what they've learned on placement.

Annie: We've had students out on placement before. They usually stay with us for about six weeks, and towards the end of the six …

4 min 36s video by Annie Byng et al. (January 2010)


Portfolio compilation: evidencing learning and professional development.

Alison: I think portfolios are getting increasingly important. They seem to underpin a lot of professional education as a …

4 min 7s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)


Transferring learning between placements.

Alison: The students are all used to working in hospital settings or institutional settings, and this is their first time out and …

2 min 47s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)

Giving feedback on learning and clarifying professional practice

Becoming a professional practitioner.

Jo: Within, like, nursing, it's all evidence based, isn't it? So, you know, to justify what you do, you have to learn and …

3 min 10s video by Jo-anne Fisher et al. (January 2010)


Giving constructive feedback and setting clear targets.

Pam: Right at the beginning we sit down, we work through what they - the goals they want to achieve and how they're going to…

3 min 42s video by Pam Winn et al. (January 2010)


Modelling professional practice for students on a work placement.

Learning set meeting Alison: So your portfolio, in some ways, will be very different, Jenny, to Jo's, because you've had a much …

3 min 33s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)

Verifying learning and assisting with connections

Learning Sets as a strategy to enable learning from a work placement.

Alison: I think the role of the learning set, for me, in bringing students and mentors to share their practice is to develop …

3 min 34s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)


Linking theory and practice: guiding students on a work placement.

Alison: In a lot of work related professions where there's work experience and it comes across whether you have sandwich courses …

2 min 32s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)


Verifying a student's learning as part of staged progression on placement.

Pam: I think people have a possible idealistic view of what nursing is really about and then the placement actually teaches them …

4 min 14s video by Pam Winn et al. (January 2010)

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