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Linking teaching and research

Alan Jenkins on mainstreaming undergraduate research.

Alan Jenkins: The serious issue is that the relationship between people's interest in their teaching, and commitment to their …

9 min 28s video by Alan Jenkins, External Consultant (April 2009)


Connecting international teaching with research.

I've had students that have done projects in Hong Kong and China and Spain. I've had PhD …

3 min 49s video by Nicola Pitchford et al. (September 2009)


Perceptions of student engagement in a research-driven university.

Student engagement is critical to learning in higher education. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain… (397 word resource by Jonathan Peirce et al.: September 2004).

Delivering research-informed teaching

Bringing research into the classroom.

In terms of health communication, I've worked over a number of years now to ensure that new evidence about how to communicate with…

2 min 14s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)


Creativity and criticism: spotting a gap and motivations to change.

I joined the Department in 2000 and as part of my teaching, began a module on Modern Poetry. I realised that the students had to… (2012 word resource by Peter Howarth, School of English Studies: June 2005).


Developing an integrated curriculum: Incorporating the Genetics White Paper into Nurse Education.

Where higher education institutions are providing courses that culminate in professional qualification, Government policies need… (465 word resource by Sue Johnson, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: January 2005).


Linking research and teaching.

Normally we are lecturing in courses where we do research, on the whole we do. In engineering particularly we have a real …

5 min 15s video by Ed Lester et al. (February 2007)


Storytelling and role play in developing communication skills.

I know it's something that you've been interested in for a number of years is the role of storytelling in teaching. Could…

5 min 1s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)

Turning students into researchers - undergraduate

An approach to understanding and developing undergraduate students' research strategies.

Scholarship at university incorporates a number of practices different from the study techniques students develop to succeed at … (473 word resource by Mark Bradley et al.: September 2006).


Critical thinking in undergraduate learning and teaching.

Critical Thinking (CT) involves questioning the basic assumptions that underlie inquiry. Development of one's capacity for… (394 word resource by Claire Taylor et al.: September 2004).


Evaluating the learning outcomes of the undergraduate project: perceptions versus reality.

The undergraduate research (UGR) project is a task commonly undertaken by final year students studying science-based disciplines … (478 word resource by Felicity Rose et al.: January 2006).


Identifying a dissertation topic for a student with dyslexia.

Presenting situation: A dyslexic archaeology student. She came to me as her tutor for advice on a dissertation topic. She wished… (1040 word resource by Hamish Forbes, School of Humanities: June 2002).


Identifying and supervising a dissertation topic for a dyslexic student with medical difficulties.

Presenting situation: K was a mature student with dyslexia and a medical history of depression. During her final year, the… (847 word resource by Hamish Forbes, School of Humanities: June 2002).


Using laboratory classes to teach experimental design.

The Biomedical Sciences are subjects that are or appear to be heavily dependent on a large volume of information… (620 word resource by Martin Luck et al.: March 2006).

Turning students into researchers - postgraduate

Developing a new MRes module.

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has recognised in recent years that its students of electromagnetics have… (476 word resource by Ana Vukovic, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering: September 2005).


Developing interdisciplinary postgraduate training in a specialised research environment.

Interdisciplinary studies represent a major challenge for research and delivery of higher education. In the postgraduate context, … (453 word resource by Sujatha Raman, Institute for Science & Society: September 2006).


Practical laboratory training in scientific research: implications for postgraduate course design.

It is increasingly apparent that many new postgraduate research students have poor basic laboratory skills and require intensive … (412 word resource by Karen Robinson, School of Medical & Surgical Sciences: January 2006).


Research training for doctoral students in Law.

The core research training for new doctoral students in the School of Law is provided via the "Legal Research Methods" module. … (431 word resource by Ezra Hasson, School of Law: September 2004).

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