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Combining visual and auditory teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.

When I go used to go and see my tutor about my project I used to tape what he said and I explained to him that I am a visual person…

4 min 10s video by Michael Shaw et al. (June 2007)


Demonstrating practical skills to large groups using an overhead visualiser.

Sarah Freeman: We start almost all of our practical classes off with some sort of demonstration showing the students where …

3 min 7s video by Sarah Freeman et al. (August 2009)


Demonstrations and visual aids in lectures.

I use props a lot in lectures, probably the least today actually, but it's very important to have something that isn't just …

1 min 39s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


Developing Virtual Engineering Laboratories.

Advanced three-dimensional virtual environment technology, similar to that used by the film and computer games industry will be… (270 word resource by Damian Schofield et al.: July 2004).


Effective demonstration of bench practical skills to large laboratory classes using an integrated system of visualisers, screens and SMARTboard.

In these labs, we teach our students how to make different types of medicines including liquid medicines, creams, ointments,… (1410 word resource by Colin Melia, School of Pharmacy: March 2009).


Explaining complex concepts.

One of the things that is very important when you lecture a subject like this is that you have drawn models that keep repeating…

2 min 1s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


The importance of visual aids.

Throughout the visuals have got to be, well any of the aids you would use have got to be relevant. But now, with being able…

2 min 10s video by Do Coyle, School of Education (July 2004)


Interprofessional teaching of communication skills.

Background Communication skills are essential for all healthcare professionals when interacting with patients. Improving their … (341 word resource by Simon Conroy et al.: September 2006).


Life in three dimensions: visualising biology.

Within the school we teach medical and science students an appreciation of the three dimensional shape of various biological entities… (942 word resource by Fergus Doherty, School of Biomedical Sciences: March 2009).


Planning module content: mind-mapping, podcasting and WebCT.

I actually planned it out, and I wanted to deliver it via what we call mind maps. Our first years have a series of lectures…

2 min 28s video by Richard Field, School of Geography (June 2007)


Providing annotated slides as handouts after lectures.

One lecturer would have the notes on pdf, and he’d have them on his computer, and as the lecture went on, he'd project…

6 min 24s video by Joe Cornfield et al. (June 2007)


Trigger exams: assessing decision making.

And we have innovative assessments, such as the DVD trigger examination, which I introduced with colleagues a year ago, and …

1 min 17s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)


Using a video as a standard reflective tool in teaching communication skills.

The increasing size of taught groups has proved difficult in teaching core communication skills, deemed necessary to provide safe… (488 word resource by Ann Childs et al.: September 2005).


Video demonstrations of common laboratory techniques address student diversity and limited lab time.

When people start the MSc in Molecular Diagnostics they come with quite varied levels of experience. Some of our students have … (1058 word resource by Paddy Tighe et al.: May 2009).


Video on the anatomy of the human heart.

This project will involve creating a video of the anatomy and dissection of the adult human heart, which will then be make… (239 word resource by Siobhan Loughna, School of Biomedical Sciences: January 2004).


Video overviews of specialist software for students new to biological databases.

One of the modules I convene on the MSc in Immunology and Allergy is a bio-informatics module where we want the students to get … (968 word resource by Paddy Tighe et al.: May 2009).


What do you need in a problem-based learning room.

We're sitting in one of the Derby PBL rooms now - what are the special features about this kind of workspace?…

2 min 41s video by Jonathan Ball et al. (March 2008)

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