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The Institute of Hearing Research (IHR) is a world-leading centre for research into hearing and hearing disorders funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC). IHR employs a total of around 75 staff and consists of a central University Section, located on the Nottingham University Park campus, as well as three Clinical Sections, located within different NHS teaching hospitals - the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Royal South Hants Hospital in Southampton.

IHR’s goal is to increase our understanding into the mechanism of how the brain processes sounds and to improve and develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to hearing disorders, such as hearing loss, tinnitus or speech and language impairments. To pursue these goals, we use a wide range of state-of-the-art neuroscientific technologies, such as cell labelling, single and multi-channel neurophysiology, neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG and MEG), psychophysical testing and neurocomputational modelling. These techniques allow us to probe auditory processes from the single-cell level up to the highest cognitive stages (multi-sensory integration, plasticity and training). 

Due to our common scientific goals and wide range of methodological expertise, IHR provides an exceptionally interactive and highly interdisciplinary research environment. 

Research at IHR benefits greatly from the unique resources available to it as an MRC Institute. Postgraduate students have access to cutting-edge lab facilities, as well as first-class engineering and computer support. As IHR’s academic staff have no formal teaching obligations, our students also enjoy an exceptionally high level scientific support from their supervisors. Our strong clinical connection means that we have active collaborations with ENT and Audiology Departments, which provide us with unrivalled access to patients. Students are funded to attend national and international conferences in their respective research areas and are given all support and training necessary to present their work in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Key Facts
  • Unrivalled access to patients and active collaborations with colleagues working in the ENT/Audiology Departments where the units are situated 
  • Research at IHR benefits greatly from the unique resources available to it as an MRC Institute 
  • Postgraduates have access to excellent lab facilities and equipment for research projects, supported by well-staffed engineering and computer support groups 


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