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The science and technology of learning is a multi-billion pound industry. Britain leads the world in the area of mobile learning. Games and media companies are developing new ways to learn using virtual world and augmented reality technology. Postgraduate study in the learning sciences provides students with the skills needed by these new industries and initiatives.

The Learning Sciences Research Institute (LSRI) is a centre of excellence for research in the science and technology of learning. It brings together staff from the schools of Computer Science, Education and Psychology, as well as expertise from other disciplines, to explore the fundamental processes and practices of learning, and to design new technologies that enhance human learning and interaction. Fundamental challenges include combining informal social networked learning with formal education, and designing interactive learning spaces in museums, parks and city centres.

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The institute is a member of the European STELLAR Network of Excellence in technology enhanced learning, and has close links with industry, local schools, and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. Examples of local and international collaboration include Matthew McFall, a PhD student who has established a ‘wonder room’ at the Nottingham University Samworth Academy to explore children’s engagement with wonder for learning, and PhD student Anupama Roy who has undertaken a study of game learning on mobile phones with peer educators in Kolkata, India.


Students have access to advanced research facilities, including a flexible learning room with video conference equipment, a usability laboratory and a multimedia development room. They also have access to soundproof booths which are situated in the student study space. We draw on facilities from our schools, including specialist equipment and laboratories that students may access as required with the support of their supervisors.


Those graduating from the MA course have often enjoyed promotion in their teaching careers or have acquired advisory roles in educational institutions or ICT industry contexts. Students from our MSc course have enjoyed considerable success in their chosen careers. Many are employed as user-interface/experience designers working within either small or large companies. In addition, several students have focused on research and now work as research assistants or are continuing their studies at PhD level.

University of Nottingham is consistently named as one of the most targeted universities by Britain’s leading graduate employers – ranked in the top 10 in The Graduate Market 2013-2019, High Fliers Research.


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