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Key facts

  • The School of Mathematical Sciences is one of the largest and strongest mathematics departments in the UK.
  • Based in a state-of-the-art building on University Park campus with excellence postgraduate facilities
  • Ranked in the top 10 nationally for research power and research quality (Research Excellence Framework 2014)

The University of Nottingham is consistently named as one of the most targeted universities by Britain’s leading graduate employers
(Ranked in the top ten in The Graduate Market in 2013-2019, High Fliers Research).


We have active research groups in many branches of applied mathematics, pure mathematics and statistics.

The school is also host to the Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology and much of the research undertaken is multidisciplinary and crosses traditional boundaries.

We have a strong and vibrant body of postgraduate maths students who contribute significantly to the school’s research efforts. Postgraduate students are encouraged to participate in the many school research-related activities, and attend appropriate national and international conferences.

State-of-the-art building and facilities

The maths facility has been designed to contribute positively to the educational process by carefully integrating maths academics and students throughout the building. As well as shared offices and workrooms postgraduates also have access to breakout 'pods' and small discussion areas.

A specialist science library, with excellent access to online journals and databases, and the main University computing centre are located nearby, and the school has its own extensive network of PCs, workstations and other computing equipment.

Mathematical packages (LaTex, Maple, Matlab, graphics routines etc) are available, along with electronic links from the school to other University computer and IT facilities.


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