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The School of Physics and Astronomy has an international reputation for high-quality research across a wide range of research areas. The School currently has over 52 permanent members of academic staff, 50 postdoctoral research assistants/officers and over 40 support staff.

The school attracts a high level of funding from the research councils for engineering and physical sciences, medical, biotechnology and biological sciences, particle physics and astronomy, as well as from the Royal Society, the EU, The Wellcome Trust and industry.

The school has an excellent track record in the training of postgraduate scientists, and offers courses that combine research projects with supporting training modules. We aim to provide a solid basis to enable our postgraduates to excel in their subsequent careers.

We offer MRes, MSc by Research, MPhil and PhD programmes which focus on major research projects supplemented by taught courses designed to broaden scientific knowledge and provide relevant IT, presentational and other transferable skills.

We have a vibrant community of more than 120 PhD students in the school and have an excellent record of obtaining fully funded studentships to enable outstanding students from across the world to carry out postgraduate studies in the school.

Key Facts

  • The Research Excellence Framework, or REF, assesses all subjects in all universities across the UK, based on submissions describing their research and the wider societal impact that it has had. We are delighted to announce that the latest such assessment, REF2014, placed the School of Physics and Astronomy in 3rd place of all the physics departments in the country. It is also notable that we provided the only physics submissions that were placed in the top 5 in both REF2014 and the previous implementation of this process in 2008, making us the consistently best physics department in the entire country.

  • The school has an international research reputation, with a large portfolio of research contracts from EPSRC, STFC, MRC, BBSRC, the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society, the EU and industry.

  • Research in the school is organised within the general areas of: Astronomy, Condensed Matter Theory, Experimental Condensed Matter and Nanoscience, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy, Particle Theory and Ultracold Atoms.


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