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New approach to formulating and controlling drug release from 3D printed systems/implants

The latest publication on 3D printing of medicines to emerge from the collaboration between the School of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Engineering at Nottingham has been selected for the front cover of the the journal Advanced Therapeutics. This beautiful image captures the new idea to create printable prodrug inks for 3D printing manufacture of medicines, in this case designed for implant applications that releases ibuprofen. The drug release can be personalised for amount and rate of release by changing the chemistry of the ink in a controllable fashion.

 Advanced Therapeutic Journal Front Image

Paper details:

A Reactive Prodrug Ink Formulation Strategy for Inkjet 3D Printing of Controlled Release Dosage Forms and Implants
Yinfeng He,  Ruggero Foralosso,  Gustavo F. Trindade,  Alexander Ilchev,  Laura Ruiz‐Cantu,  Elizabeth A. Clark,  Shaban Khaled,  Richard J. M. Hague,  Christopher J. Tuck,  Felicity R. A. J. Rose,  Giuseppe Mantovani , Derek J. Irvine,  Clive J. Roberts and Ricky D. Wildman. Advanced Therapeutics 2020, 3, 1900187

Posted on Tuesday 9th June 2020

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