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Alice obtained her MChem Chemistry with a Year in Industry from the University of Leicester in 2018, completing her one year industrial placement at RSSL (Reading Scientific Services Ltd.). During her placement, Alice conducted HPLC analysis to quantify vitamins, proteins and sweeteners, and worked on a project to develop a new quantitative RP-HPLC method to be validated. During her master's year, Alice worked in the Biotechnology Group, under the supervision of Dr Elena Piletska. The project involved using molecularly imported monomers (MIPs) to compare cell surface proteins between cell lines resistant to and non-resistant to DLBCL (diffuse large B-cell lymphoma) treatments, ibrutinib and tirabrutinib.

Alice joined the CDT in Advanced Therapeutics and Nanomedicines in 2018 and undertook two research training projects. The first was under the supervision of Dr Maria Marlow, Dr Mischa Zelzer and Dr Lisa White, where she worked on evaluating the viability of cells within hydrogels. The second project was conducted at Upperton Pharma Solutions, and involved stabilising proteins for spray drying via the addition of excipients.

Research Summary

PhD Title: Combining Advanced in vivo and ex vivo Imaging to Understand and to Optimize Biodistribution and Site-Specific Targeting of Drugs.

Supervisors: Dr Pavel Gershkovich, Dr Tracey Bradshaw, Professor Morgan Alexander and Dr David Scurr.

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