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Ayesha IQBAL

Postgraduate Research Student,



I have done Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacy Practice/Clinical Pharmacy from Department of Pharmacy COMSATS, Abbottabad Pakistan due to an inherent interest in health sciences and subsequently produced notable results. I am an active member of Pharmacy Practice Research group. I have a cumulative impact factor of above 25. My future plan is to do remarkable research in the field of Pharmacy Practice. To fulfill this purpose as best as I can I am looking forward to work towards betterment and scientific rationale in my academic and professional career, in order to bring about an actual positive change in other people's lives using a patient centered approach.

Expertise Summary

Ihave experience in performing interdisciplinary research and pushing boundaries of different pharmacy domains to work for the betterment of health. I am also involved in health policy research. My core competencies include social and administrative research, pharmaco epidemiological research, pharmaco-economics, pharmacokinetics, natural product compound isolation research and clinical analysis research. I have been awarded Research Productivity Award in 2015 for my outstanding contribution to my field.

Teaching Summary

I worked as a Lab demonstrator/Research Associate for 6 years in my country.

Subject with respect to past experience:

Pharmacy Practice, social and administrative Pharmacy, Clinical pharmacy, Medicinal chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Quality control.

Past experience include duties performed of lecturer along with lab duties, duties include demonstration of lecture on multimedia projections and open seminar sessions for broadening cognitive abilities.

Experienced in working as an advisory body along with additional duties of lab demonstration and lectureship. The duties are inclusive of student problem management, facilitation of academic and official documentation, in charge of Fee Deposition, Examination Center control.

Research Summary

Role of pharmacists in opioid analgesics for chronic pain


Professor Claire Anderson, Dr Roger Knaggs

The use of opioid for chronic as well as acute pains of different origins has emerged over the recent decades with its unparalleled efficacy in providing analgesic relief to the patients. Putting a ban on opioid analgesics cannot be achieved due to risk vs. benefit ratio to the patients. Dependence with opioid use has been increasing and the reasons for this alarmist increase need to be identified. Certain safety measures should be incorporated into the health care system which provides safety nets and checks all along the process.

Recent Publications

Past Research

I have worked in past in different areas in the field of Pharmacy Practice. I have experience in pharmacy education studies, interventional studies, qualitative and quantitative areas of research both in hospital and clinical setups. I also have experience in drug utilization reviews specially in different cancers.

Future Research

I hope to achieve acknowledgment of pharmacy profession and pharmacy specialized skills through my long-term research goals. . I aim to work and unravel the potential reasons of opioid dependence epidemic using safe narcotic opioid commonly prescribed. This research has diverse applications and shall reduce the overall mortality and morbidity associated with opioid overdose in developed as well as developing countries.

  • AYESHA IQBAL, ROGER DAVID KNAGGS, CLAIRE ANDERSON and LI SHEAN TOH, 2020. Role of pharmacists in optimizing opioid therapy for chronic non-malignant pain; a mixed-methods systematic review Research in social and administrative pharmacy.
  • RASHIDA BIBI1, SAIRA AZHAR2, AYESHA IQBAL1 , HAJERA JABEEN3, UMM-E KALSOOM4, MUHAMMAD M IQBAL5 AND MARIA NAZEER1, 2020. Prevalence of potential drug-drug interactions in breast cancer patients and determination of their risk factors Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice.
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  • AYESHA IQBAL, SAIRA AZHAR, GHULAM MURTAZA, RASHIDA BIBI, UMME KALSOOM, ZAITOON ILLYAS, 2017. Knowledge Of Risk Factors Regarding Thyroid Cancer Among Comsats University Students In Abbottabad Pakistan Value in Health.
  • ILYAS Z1, AZHAR S1, IQBAL MM2, IQBAL A1, ZAMAN, 2017. A Comparative Study Between Hypertensive Patients With And Without Co-Morbidities; Knowledge, Acceptance Of Illness And Quality Of Life As Quantifiable Variables In Kpk, Pakistan. Value in Health.
  • IQBAL A1, IQBAL MM2, SHAHID H3, SETHI MH1, AHMAD T1, 2017. Attitude and Perception of Pakistani Pharmacy students; a vision towards future Post Graduate Education Value in Health.
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  • SAIRA AZHAR1*, MOHAMMAD AZMI HASSALI2, AYESHA IQBAL1, NYLA JABEEN3, ABIDA LATIF4, NAVEED ULLAH5, SHUJAAT ALI KHAN1, YASMEEN AKHTAR1 AND GHULAM MURTAZA1, 2015. A Qualitative Analysis of the Perception of Academic Pharmacists Regarding their Role in Healthcare System of Two Pakistani Cities Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.
  • SAIRA AZHAR1*, MOHAMMAD AZMI HASSALI2, AYESHA IQBAL1, MUHAMMAD ROUF AKRAM3, MUFTI ATTIQUE-UR-REHMAN3, SABIHA KARIM4, IMRAN TARIQ4, MUHAMMAD HASSHAM HASSAN BIN ASAD1, ISMAIL TARJIK5 AND GHULAM MURTAZA1, 2015. Qualitative Assessment of the Pharmacist’s Role in Punjab, Pakistan: Medical Practitioners’ Views Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.
  • HANIF ULLAH1, AYESHA IQBAL1, SAIRA AZHAR1, INAYAT ULLAH KHAN2, GHULAM MURTAZA1, Prevalence and psychological characterization of smoking amongst university students Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

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