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Claire Mann

Senior Research Fellow / Consultant, Faculty of Science


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Dr. Claire Mann is an interdisciplinary researcher using ethnographic approaches to explore social health and education contexts. Dr. Mann has conducted a wide range of empirical ethnographic research projects across a range of clinicial (Veterinary, Nursing, Pharmacy and Primary Care) contexts.

Dr. Mann also works as a consultant in evaluation, education, organisational behaviour and professional communication.

Expertise Summary

I work primarily on projects evaluating the implementation of innovation in social health contexts.

In 2019 I am Co-PI (with Dr. Matthew Boyd) on a HEE funded evaluation of General Practice Nurse Education (GPNE) and Speciality Training (ST).

In 2017-8 I was Co-PI (with Dr. Matthew Boyd) on an NHS funded evaluation of the pilot of the national rollout of the Clinical Pharmacist role. This research project used ethnographic methods alongside traditional quantitative methods to inform a formative evaluation of the new role nationally. They key output from the work was a national report on which I am first author and which has significant downloads and citations. The findings from this work crucially informed policy changes in advance of the wider national rollout. The findings were also disseminated through professional (Pharmacy and GP) and academic events and conferences. One academic paper has been released from this work (Anderson et al) and a further 4 papers are in press on which I am lead or co-author. This work is live and under a continued dissemination plan.

In 2016 I was Co-PI (with Dr. Matthew Boyd) on a successful bid for an NHS funded evaluation of a local 'proof of concept' study investigating the implementation of a new role - prescribing clinical pharmacists in general practice. This was a local ethnographic project undertaken over 18 months. The main output from this work was a report which was disseminated through local and national health networks. We were advised that this work informed the development of the wider national rollout scheme in 2017/18.

Teaching Summary

Research skills

Qualitative research


Personal and professional skills]

Research Summary

HEE funded evaluation of General Nurse Practice Education in Midlands and East area

Recent Publications

I also undertake private research consultancy.

Can be undertaken as University or private consultancy. Email for a quote.

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Past Research


'National Evaluation of Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice'

Large scale ethnographic evaluation of new clinical role in NHS, and implications for practice and education.

'Local Evaluation of Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice'

Small scale ethnographic evaluation of new clinical role in NHS, and implications for practice and education.

'Evaluation of a large scale patient facing undergraduate project'


'Peer Mentoring for Nurses'

This evidence-based scheme was implemented as a sustainable peer-led intervention to address retention in professional learning. The scheme was shortlisted for the Nursing Times 'Teaching Innovation of the Year' award in 2013 and 2015.

Research work involved evaluation of a pastoral peer support intervention to support nurses. Whilst a range of intervention approaches were used, once again social and digital technologies emerged as a significant area of support due to its synchronous access to peer empathy.

'Use of YouTube in Teaching and Learning'

Evaluation of a multimedia teaching intervention in Nurse teaching

'Raising Awareness of Hearing Loss'

A participatory action research project in 2016 between nurses and patients with hearing loss utilised mobile technology to facilitate conversation and communication and capture data. This project demonstrated the ways in which patients using technology can capture their experiences and the benefits of sharing experiences with health professionals and others using multimedia.


'Walking the walk and talking the talk: An ethnographic study of clinical education in a new veterinary school'

This study focused on Wenger's 'Communities of Practice' model and demonstrated the significance and benefits of relationships for learning and support. One emergent theme of this work was the way that people, even those who are physically close, use social and digital technologies.


This student centred project interviewed vets about their use of ICT in practice and co-produced multimedia outputs to inform future teaching

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