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Emilia Moradi

Research Fellow, Faculty of Science



Dr Emilia Moradi is multi-disciplinary scientist in three scientific fields including Drug Delivery, Imaging, and Molecular Biology.

After completing her degree in Pharmacy, she joined ''Advanced Drug Delivery'' group at the School of Pharmacy/University of Nottingham to competent her PhD investigating folate-mediated endocytosis/transcytosis of nanoparticles and their cell trafficking into and across polarised epithelial models.

After completion of her PhD, she joined Dr Kevin Webb's lab investigating transport of small molecules (water) as well as large molecules (immunotherapies) across epithelial barrier tissues using novel permeability enhancer molecules.

Currently she is working in Prof Cameron Alexander's lab studying polymers for targeting Triple Negative Breast. Cancer

Expertise Summary

Pulmonary, Skin and Ocular drug delivery; 2D and 3D cultures, ex vivo and in vivo models; drug transport mechanisms and assays, high-throughput screening assays, Nanoparticles.

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