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George Bebawy

Postgraduate Research Student,



I hold a M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, signed distinction honors, offered from Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alexandria, Egypt. As of right now, I am appointed as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy, which in turn gave me an in-depth knowledge of Pharmaceutics and dosage form design.

Since my undergraduate study, I have always dreamt of being effective worldwide and to achieve something useful for humanity. My big dream rises from my belief that there is no impossible, and so, hard work and passion can make all dreams come true. This encouraged me to love Science and research field, where I could work hard to be effective. Moreover, I love discovering new cultures, exchanging learning experience and hard work. Being greatly committed to my work; I hope to work on myself first to be even more professional.

Past Research

In my master thesis, I was working on Rispiridone new oral flash dissolving mini-tablets for pediatric use. Autism is considered one of the most challenging child diseases, and all available formulations are liquid dosage forms which are very bitter and don't guarantee uniformity of dosing, owing to the small dose size given by droppers leading to great variations. Taste masked mini-tablets will help ensure dose uniformity and, consequently, offer better taste for children. This work is guided under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ossama Abd-allah and Dr. Magda Sokar

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