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Leonardo Contreas

Postgraduate Research Student,



I took my Bachelor's degree in Biology in 2015 at Univerisità di Roma Tre and, two years after, I graduated in Phrmaceutical Biotechnology at the University "La Sapienza", with a thesis in Pharmaceutical Chemistry about computational methods for the detection of potential new drugs for the inhibition of the carcinogenic KRAS protein.

I'm involved in the PhD programme grant Biomaterials Discovery, funded by EPSRC.

Expertise Summary

Although I started with a biological background, I gradually shifted towards chemistry and statistics. I have experience as data analyst and Python programmer. I use Python language and its libraries for scientific use, especially in Machine Learning applications.

During my MSc thesis project I made a full experience of Molecular Docking and other modelling techniques.

Research Summary

Determining biomaterials design rules in order to address the problem of bacterial attachment on biomaterials, which are used to realise biomedical devices and prostheses.

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