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Rafał Kopiasz

Research Fellow, Faculty of Science



Rafał obtained his MSc diploma in Biotechnology at the Warsaw University of Technology (the Faculty of Chemistry, Poland) in 2016, and started his PhD research at the same Faculty in the Department of Polymer Chemistry and Technology under the supervision of prof. Dominik Jańczewski. In May 2022, Rafał defended his PhD thesis entitled Synthesis of novel antimicrobials polycations and studies on their activity using microorganisms and liposomes. Right after the PhD, in June 2022, he started a research fellow position in the research group led by prof. Cameron Alexander at the University of Nottingham (School of Pharmacy). His current research are focused on new RNA therapeutics.

Expertise Summary

Rafał's areas of expertise cover antimicrobial polycations, organic synthesis (especially chemistry of quaternary ammonium salts and polycations synthesis), and interactions of polycations with phospholipid bilayer. He has experience in analytical techniques routinely used in organic synthesis (e.g. NMR, IR, HPLC, GC, SEC), dynamic light scattering (DLS) technique, preparing of and working with liposomes, and in basic microbiological assays (MIC, MBC, time-kill assay, staining and microscopic observation). Currently, he is learning about RNA delivery systems.

Research Summary

Studies on supramolecular polycations toward RNA therapeutics.

Recent Publications

Past Research

Studies on stability of quaternary ammonium salts based polycations, a controlling of alkylation reaction of linear polyethylenimine, search for new antimicrobial and non-toxic polycations based on quaternary ammonium salts (synthesize, microbiological assays, toxicity studies, mechanistic studies).

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