School of Pharmacy


We produce an array of scaffolds, hydrogels and microparticles with controlled size, shape, controlled release profiles, and topography.

We develop materials that are stimuli responsive, self-assemble and with functional biointerfaces.

Our research interests are in immunomodulation and the immune response to biomaterials.


We have expertise in developing electrochemical nano-systems for studying and controlling cellular processes which is being applied to the generation of new electroceutics.

Our technologies include 3D bioprinting with a particular interest in:

  • liver, bone and cartilage
  • label free 3D chemical analysis of cells and surface & interface analysis
  • peptide delivery of DNA
  • mRNA and proteins to control tissue regeneration
  • electrospinning to form scaffolds that mimic the extraceullar matrix
  • and in the use of optical tweezers to manipulate the arrangement of cells to form controlled cell niches
Biodegradable dimpled microparticles

Biomaterials Development

Therapeutic Translation

Therapeutic Translation

Polymer microparticles (white) with mammalian cells attached (blue)

Directing Cell Behaviour


School of Pharmacy

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