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Cold Atoms Seminar list 2013





11/12/2013 Stephen Powell
The University of Nottingham
Gauge potentials and gauge theories in ultracold atomic systems

Patrizia Weiss


Simon Bell
University of Tuebingen

Atomic coherence on a superconducting microchip

Trapping of ultra cold atoms in a 3He/4He dilution refrigerator
20/11/2013 School Colloquium, Prof Viatcheslav Mukhanov Institute for Gravitational Research, University of Glasgow The Search for Gravitationla Waves
18/11/2013 Jiannis Pachos
University of Leeds
Superexponential decoherence times in two-dimensional topological quantum memories
13/11/2013 Tim Freegarde
University of Southampton
Trapping, cooling and high-fidelity manipulation of cold atoms using pulsed lasers
13/11/2013 Gerardo Adesso
The University of Nottingham
Quantum benchmarks for Gaussian states
06/11/2013 Oliver Morsch
University of Pisa
Full counting statistics of a dissipative Rydberg gass

School Colloquium, Prof James Hough

University of Glasgow
The Search for Gravitational Waves
17/07/2013 Darrick Change
The Institute of Photonic Sciences
Nanoscale atom traps based on quantum vacuum forces
21/06/2013 Tom Judd
University of Tübingen
Stabilising superfluidity with magnetic interactions
19/06/2013 Augusto Smerzi
European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy
Interferometry, vortices, supersonic flow
14/06/2013 Mariona Moreno Cardoner
Autonomous University of Barcelona Exotic quantum magnetism in ultracold lattice gases
05/06/2013 Simon Doyle
University of Cardiff
Mircrowave detectors, astronomy
31/05/2013 Andreas Naesby
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Optomechanics with Semiconductor Nanomembranes
29/05/2013 School Colloquium, Prof Volker Springel
Heidelberg University

Forming the Milky Way Galaxy on a Supercomputer

22/05/2013 Thorsten Schumm
University of Vienna

Non-linear atom optics with Bose-Einstein condensates

13/05/2013 Clive Emary
University of Hull
Feedback Control in Quantum Transport
10/05/2013 Daniel Segal
Imperial College London
Coulomb Crystals and Motional Sideband Spectroscopy of Ca+ Ions in a Penning Trap
08/05/2013 Clare Burrage The University of Nottingham Cold Atoms Physics for particle theory
30/04/2013 Alexandre Tatchenko
University of Berlin
Collective van der Waals Interactions in Molecules and Condensed Matter
24/04/2013 School Colloquium, Prof Andrew G Green
London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL
New Horizons in Quantum Criticality
19/04/2013 Francesco Intravaia (Joint RQI)
The University of Nottingham
Fluctuation-induced forces ad their impact on nanotechnologies
17/04/2013 Erling Riis
University of Glasgow
Interferometry with BECs
15/04/2013 Justin T. Schultz
University of Rochester
Spinor BEC Analogues to Singular Optics: Full Poincaré Beams and the Gouy Phase.
20/03/2013 Emily Adlam (Joint RQI)
University of Oxford
Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
08/03/2013 Gabriele de Chiara (Joint Maths)
Queen's University Belfast
Characterisation and Detection of Entanglement in Optical Lattices
04/02/2013 Michael Hush (Joint QI)
The University of Nottingham
Controlling spontaneous-emission noise in feedback cooling of a Bose-Einstein Condensate
David Adu Smith Fritz-Haber-Institut- Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Prethermalization in a Non-Equilibrium Many-Body Quantum System
30/01/2013 School Colloquium, Prof Andrew Turberfield Department of Physics, University of Oxford Molecular Motors from DNA
Christ Westbrook (Joint RQI)
Institute of Laser Physics- Paris
Acoustic analogue of the dynamical Casimir effect
16/01/2013 School Colloquium, Prof Sean Carroll
Moore Centre for Theoretical Cosmology and Physics, Physics Department California Institute of Technology 
Many Worlds, the Born Rule, and Self-Locating Uncertainty Sean Carroll, Caltech

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