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Cold Atoms Seminar list 2014






01/12/2014 Rick Mukherjee
Max Planck Institute
Strong interactions in alkaline-earth Rydberg ensembles
26/11/2014 School Colloquium, Dr Lucia Hackermüller
University of Nottingham
Ultra-close to absolute zero: Bose Einstein Condensation and Degenerate Fermi gases
Alastair Sinclair
National Physical Laboratory
Ion microtraps for atomic quantum technologies

Peter Schmelcher (joint with TCM)

University of Hamburg
Nonequilibrium dynamics and transport in spatiotemporally driven lattices
04/08/2014 Stefan Putz
Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology Coupling Spins and Diamond Color Centers to Superconducting cavities
13/06/2014 Tim Langen
Startseite Non-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional Bose gases
Jiri Minar
University of Singapore
Single atom single photon interactions and fermionic lattice gas with artificial gauge fields
26/02/2014 School Colloquium, Prof Philippe Bouyer
Laboratoire Photonique Numériques et Nanosciences (LP2N)
IOGS - Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine

Matter wave optics and interferometry : from concepts to applications

Identity Lectures, Prof Maiken Umbach

University of Nottingham, Department of History Who we were — from the age of identity to the end of identity?
10/02/2014 Peter Schmelcher (joint with TCM)
University of Hamburg
05/02/2014 Identity Lectures Fenja Ziegler School of Psychology, University of Lincoln
Me, myself and I — decide today, regret tomorrow?
05/02/2014 Stefano Pirandola University of York
Applications of quantum hypothesis testing
Andrea Trombettoni
Symmetry-locked superfluid phases with ultracold fermions
Identity Lectures, Prof Philip Moriarty
University of Nottingham
One and the same- identity in quantum physics
29/01/2013 School Colloquium, Prof Clare Grey
Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge Following Function in Real Time: New NMR and MRI Methods for Studying Structure and Dynamics in Batteries and Supercapacitors

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