School of Physics & Astronomy

Condensed Matter Theory


Research areas include: Quantum circuits & nanomechanics, Complex Quantum Systems, Fullerene Theory, Quantum electronics and ultracold atoms, Physics of Non-Equilibrium, Many-Body Quantum Physics and Quantum Simulation with atoms and molecules, Statistical Models of Complex Systems, Granular and Fluid Dynamics, Modelling THz electronics (with e2v), graphene, hybrid cold-atom/quantum electronic systems and  chip-based cold-atom sensors.

Academic Staff

Research Staff

 PhD Students

  • Rosemary Crawford
  • Claire Davis-Tilley
  • Eliana Fiorelli
  • Matthew Jessop
  • Ryan Jones
  • Andreas Kouzelis
  • Gary McCormack
  • William Morley
  • Jemma Needham
  • Tom Oakes
  • Maike Ostmann
  • Dominic Rose
  • Loredana Vasiloiu
  • Neil Wilkins
  • Yijia Zhou


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